Great rack! I didn't know the quality would be so high. I like it so much I am ordering the other rack. Thank you for the great customer service.

                           - Larry, Costa Rica CA

The Roller Berry should be a standard accessory with every freeze dryer.

- Keith, Orderville UT

Thank you for the awesome service!

 ​               - Adeline, Brasschaat Belgium

  • Racks accommodate 3rd party half sized trays.
  • HR-4 Matches Harvest Right shelf spacing with 2" high bays.
  • Fabricated for Harvest Right trays.
  • All Aluminum Construction.
  • CNC Laser cut for accuracy.
  • 16 Gauge
  • Light Weight
  • Extremely strong and no wiggles.

Thank you so much. Wow thrilled with our purchase!!! Your quality is unbelievable.

 ​            - Kathie, Fort Myers Beach FL

Side-by-side or stack multiple rack units to maximize your freezer space, using your Harvest Right trays.

Your full trays slide in effortlessly with One Finger, and most importantly, no tipping or spills.

Rock Solid

I love this product, it is beautiful. Gives the freezer 'dignity' our freezer prep's deserve!

                     - Robert, Santa Maria CA



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Tray Handling



Your products are AWESOME !

                     - Kris, Chino Valley, AZ

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Quality Built

  • Move trays with confidence and stability, regardless if it is soup, sauce or raw eggs.  
  • Pour directly into trays while rack is in freezer. No walking with full trays.
  • Perfect for thicker portions that are higher than the tray side walls. 
  • No more worries, trying to balance and slide your Harvest Right trays.
  • 100% handcrafted In America, with a life-time guarantee.  
  • Oven safe, you can cook on them.

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Accessories 

  • No more stacking Harvest Right trays
  • No more wiggling wire or plastic supports.
  • Heavy duty, will support the heaviest food trays you can load.
  • Rack has a small footprint to accommodate smaller freezers.

High quality, freeze dryer accessories, for the Harvest Right freeze dryer.  100% handcrafted In America.